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“If I´m selling to you, I speak English. If you´re selling to me, dann mussen Sie Deutsch sprechen!” *   Willie Brandt, former German chancellor

* " If I sell you something I have to speak English. However if you sell me something you have to speak to me in German "


French as a foreign language ( FLE)
 » Best French training sites

We deliver our French courses around the world. Beyond the satisfaction and the results on which we commit

ourselves, we always combine the needs and objectives with teaching methodologies adapted to the
different trainees and their cultures.
Sociologically and philosophically we study each training to bring to the understanding of the French language and culture while considering those of the trainees.
This added value allows us to differentiate ourselves.
In the case of immmersion with accommodation in French native family, we activate an international network to allow to provide our training as close as possible to the desired place and the native family.


This exceptional pedagogical quality allows us to differentiate ourselves by bringing A REAL VALUE ADDED.

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