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“If I´m selling to you, I speak English. If you´re selling to me, dann mussen Sie Deutsch sprechen!” *   Willie Brandt, former German chancellor

* " If I sell you something I have to speak English. However if you sell me something you have to speak to me in German "


French as a foreign language ( FLE)
 » Arrangements

From a project Royal Leaders Center develops a pedagogical project The pedagogical course is organized in four phases:

- Prerequisites verification: we contact the people to be trained to specify the content of each course and determine the level of the participant (s). We make a quick evaluation to check the status of the prerequisites. If necessary, we provide recommendations so that each participant can access the training without technical difficulty.

- Training action: We prepare the convocations and we transmit them to the participants electronically. We welcome trainees from 8:45 am and classes start at 9am. Every half-day, we take a break and at noon the trainer accompanies and eats with the trainee (s) at the restaurant. During the lunch, the conversations remain in French but without pedagogic directives, to train to the exchanges of the professional meals.

We organize the session and the work environment. Depending on the objectives, it is possible, with the trainee's permission, to make a recording of his presentation or on another subject. This recording will be compared with that made at the end of training. Comparing the two helps to evaluate the improvements.

Our training according to the expectations, the needs and the objectives, combine theory to structure the acquired knowledge and to know the grammatical and syntactic mechanisms and the practice according to the situations foreseen following the formation. Each theoretical point is systematically followed by examples and exercises.

- Assessment of the acquis: at the end of the training, we propose a case study recalling most of the points seen during the course. The result, depending on the agreements at the beginning of the training, can be recorded, or only developed. A report is made with the trainer to prepare the evaluation of the training and to present the activities that will allow to continue the achievements.

- Immersion in the native family: In the case of immersion, at the end of the training day, the trainee can find the family to exchange and prepare for dinner with the family. The time before the meal can allow to do personal activities (reading, rest, sport, ...). The breakfast is also taken with family. At the end of the immersion, an evaluation is also to be completed.

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