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“If I´m selling to you, I speak English. If you´re selling to me, dann mussen Sie Deutsch sprechen!” *   Willie Brandt, former German chancellor

* " If I sell you something I have to speak English. However if you sell me something you have to speak to me in German "


English as a foreign language
 » Surprise your English

Certified and accredited center we offer courses:
  • Goal specific or general for overall improvement
  • Individual or in groups
  • On a site chosen by the trainee (or management)
  • For all companies in France or abroad
  • Active and dynamic with a quality requirement
  • Live and participatory to increase memorization
  • Adapted to the schedule expected by the trainee
LINGUISTIC IMMERSIONS (Imitated but not yet equaled)

Our speciality.

  1. Intensive training during the day with a trainer in an environment conducive to an active pedagogy
  2. Lunch in English with the trainer
  3. Overnight accommodation with overnight stay and breakfast with a native family.
Official Supplier of many companies, multinationals and SMEs, Royal Leaders Center remains the national leader for its total immersions in English ... always in France.
Provided always in places studied to be pleasant and conducive to a good participation, concentration and 
memorization, the training days combine theoretical courses to ensure the foundations and practice realistic
 and if possible very close to the situations expected by the trainee at the exit from the training.
After the lessons the trainee has the opportunity to meet the family to share the end of the day 
before dinner, relax with activities or
Training under optimal conditions, focused on the needs defined through an active and positive pedagogy 
makes it unique.
Try this concept that without realizing it will allow you to work English with pleasure and in different 
ways, in the course more structured and that spoken with family, everyday, mixed with laughter and good humor.
Our dives are mostly a week minimum. However, including the professional requirements we know 
how to adapt the schedule.
For 12 years our dives are delivered in group (INTRA) or individual.


From precise objectives, we establish VERY effective and adapted courses with courses that combine the theory for passing the final exam, and the essential practice to meet the professional needs.
Our trainers are native, graduates and masters the world of the company (to better understand and anticipate the issues)
Depending on the level and objectives, prerequisites may be required
After a request for information, we define together the requirements in terms of places and availability, we provide a quote and 
a test (short but allowing us to identify the points to work)
After agreement of the estimate, we communicate the convention and the convocation.
At each training session, the trainee (s) and trainer are asked to sign the registration sheet.
At the end of the training, an evaluation sheet is sent out to note the points to be improved.
The formations, according to the law, ends with a control diploma.


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