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“If I´m selling to you, I speak English. If you´re selling to me, dann mussen Sie Deutsch sprechen!” *   Willie Brandt, former German chancellor

* " If I sell you something I have to speak English. However if you sell me something you have to speak to me in German "


French as a foreign language ( FLE)
 » Arrangements

From a project Royal Leaders Center develops a pedagogical project The pedagogical course is organized in four phases: - Prerequisites verification: we contact the people to be trained to specify the content of each course and determine the level of the participant (s). We make a quick evaluation to check the status of the prerequisites.…

French as a foreign language ( FLE)
 » Best French training sites

We deliver our French courses around the world. Beyond the satisfaction and the results on which we commit ourselves, we always combine the needs and objectives with teaching methodologies adapted to the different trainees and their cultures. Sociologically and philosophically we study each training to bring to the understanding of the…

French as a foreign language ( FLE)
 » Price

Royal Leaders Center strives to value its services at the right price, given the country where they are provided. The prices of our courses consist in following functions elements. Duration: It is constractuelle and according to the objective and the availabilities Lunch: In the context of intensive training at the newspaper …

French as a foreign language ( FLE)
 » Speak an effective French

English as a foreign language
 » Surprise your English

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING in ENGLISH     TRUE IMMERSIONS in FRANCE OR TRAININGS called "TRADITIONAL" but nevertheless UNIQUE.   Certified and accredited center we offer courses: Goal specific or general for overall improvement Individual or in groups In INTRA or INTER On a site chosen by the trainee (or…

 » New English speaking

During meetings or gatherings, which must be done in English, it is very often observed that the interventions of English people block a little exchange. Not because their level is low. On the contrary, the quality of their English often exceeds the understanding of non-English people who often have a rather "globish" English.   The…

 » Beginner

  Intensive French courses delivered remotely (webcam). Prerequisite: none Added value: dynamic, role playing, humor and fun, culture, tips Duration: depending on the level of start-up and goal. Objectives: Basics of the language (grammar, spelling, syntax) Possibility of passing exemen at the end of training…

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