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Epidemic ... endemic ... pandemic?


"Conscience comes only in favor of the obstacle" (Claparède).

We are regularly contacted for consultation or training when the epidemic appears. Is it too late?

All businesses are affected by a new contagion. The Burn Out?

But is this really new? What is its origin? What is the difference with depression, stress, Karōshi (過 労 死)?

2 essential looks:  the one of the manager (not necessarily responsible), that of the victim

The manager's: What are the warning signs? Prevent ? To act ? To care? .... How to intelligently manage these situations? Am I able to? What are the recommendations for the person affected by the burn out, for the team, for the company? What are the laws? Are we culturally, hierarchically, sexually different from this scourge?

The victim's:

How is evil moving? What are the clues? Who to turn to? How can I exchange, share? How to avoid big mistakes?

In view of numerous studies, articles and books on the subject, the anthropological approach is recognized to be at the center of different currents.

We rely on it to make our training relevant and active.

The added value of our trainings resides on a lived experience, updated studies, realistic solutions but especially on a simulation adapted to the contexts of the company concerned

We are also working on the BORE OUT and the BROWN OUT

Depending on the specific needs, we adapt our services according to the situation. We remain at your service to listen to you and offer you our services


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